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Aluminium Bodies

Aluminium Body Manufacture

We design and manufacture aluminium tipper bodies. Alternatively we can adapt and modify your existing tipper body so that it is better suited to the tasks required.

We build bespoke manufacture of tipper bodies to customer specification in any size, to suit the vehicle.

Built from high quality aluminium our tipper bodies are built to last!

We offer a free quotation and inspection of your vehicle and will discuss all options to give you the best possible service.

Aluminium Body Examples

21’6” x 6’10” Aluminium Body
21’6” x 5’10” Aluminium Body
3 Way Aluminium Tipper Body
Aluminium Plank Sided Body
Aluminium Tarmac Insulated Body
Aluminium Beaver Tail Plant Body
Aluminium Insulated Tarmac Body
Smooth Sided V Runner 21’6” x 4’
21’3” x 4’ Aggregate Muck Shifter
21’6”x 3’9” Fixed Side Main Runner
Aluminium Aggregate Body
Smooth Sided Main Runner Body
Body Extension
Fixed Sided V Runner Body
Fixed Side Monocoque Aluminium

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